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Daylight Coffee Roasters

Decaf, Papua New Guinea - Swiss Water Method.

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Papua New Guinea, Swiss Water Decaf.

A washed regional coffee from the mountains of Papua New Guinea that has gone through the infamous Swiss Water Decaf process.

A truly delicious and chemical free decaf processing method.

The coffee is submerged under pressure in a green coffee extract solution. This allows the caffeine to be extracted, whilst the saturation of the green coffee extract leaves no space for any of the coffee's own flavour to escape the green bean. The beans are then removed and the solution is filtered to remove the caffeine, before being repeated multiple times until the coffee is 99.99% caffeine free.

This coffee tastes fantastic as an espresso or long black, being incredibly balanced, chocolatey, and sweet, with a light citrus finish. As a milk based coffee it holds up with the best of them; chocolate, caramel, and dried fruits.