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Daylight Coffee Roasters

Instant - Dawn - Papua New Guinea, Washed - 40g / 20 cups

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Dawn Instant Coffee

Dawn turned into instant coffee... Because why not?

One teaspoon of Instant, one cup of hot water, one delicious coffee.

'Officially' enough for 20 cups of strong smooth coffee. We personally put a bit less in sometimes to get a drink closer to a nice and light filter, squeezing out 25+ serves from the one jar.

That's the best thing about Instant coffee; It's incredibly easy to adjust to your taste!


We don't like telling you how to brew our coffee. But as well as the usual black coffee, or white with a splash of milk, this coffee is so versatile! And we decided we had to tell you to give these a go.

Make a "shot" of coffee: One tsp of instant, a small amount of hot water (30ml-ish), stirred until dissolved.

For a Flatty: Top with steamed milk (from your machine, or hell, your stove-top or microwave. It'll still taste good ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

For a Iced Latte: Same as above but with cold milk and ice. But you probs worked that out.


Freeze drying! We* already brewed the coffee to perfection, and then freeze dried and ground into granules, so that when you add it to hot water, it dissolves back in to our perfect brew.

*Okay we sent it to some real experts in the process because we aren't that smart.

Why Instant coffee?

Since the start we've had tonnes of people ask us to make pods. But screw that!

1) Pods often taste bad, and are impossible to adjust and dial in for the perfect shot.

2) Pods are terrible for the environment, and we don't want to contribute to that single-use ecosystem. Difficult to recycle, difficult to compost.

3) Pods taste bad. Did we mention that already?